Marriage preparation begins a minimum of six months prior to the actual wedding date. The purpose of this is to bring the prospective couple to separate meetings with the Pastor, Kathy, and Michael Olszak. The initial meeting consists of the couple becoming acquainted with the guidelines for Catholic marriage at St. Liborius, filling out a prenuptial questionnaire, and a “Foccus test”- FACILITATING OPEN COUPLE COMMUNICATION, UNDERSTANDING AND STUDY. This initial meeting last about 1 ½ hours.

The second meeting, the couple will visit with the Pastor, Fr. Eickhoff, to discuss their intentions and to receive any advice or guidance necessary to fulfill the obligations prior to the marriage.

If a couple decides not to attend the classes at St. Liborius, they must attend a Pre Cana workshop offered through the Joliet Diocese or the Chicago Diocese. If Pre Cana is opted for at St. Liborius, it consists of two classes approximately two hours each. The Pre Cana team at St. Liborius consists of Kathy Olszak, Michael Olszak, and Nick and Jamie Martino. All team members act as facilitators to work through various aspects with which a married couple may face. Discussions and topics for a Catholic marriage are discussed.

The cost for the Pre Cana course is $40.00 to defray the cost of the books.




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